Discord Mee6 Mass Message Deletion

Instead of deleting the bulk messages that occur on the servers or personal message boxes of Discord users one by one, they want to delete the messages in bulk for convenience. If you want to delete Discord mass messages or delete multiple messages, this article will be a guide for you.

Discord Mee6 Mass Message Deletion
Discord Mee6 Mass Message Deletion

Such a thought arises with the fact that users who want to delete Discord bulk messages usually have servers. If you are facing such a situation and have no idea what to do, below we will show you how to delete multiple messages on Discord with or without a bot.

How to Delete Bulk Message in Discord Mee6?

As we explained above, I will tell you about 2 ways to delete mass messages on Discord. For this;

1-) Discord Bot Bulk Message Deletion

Our first method will be the deletion process with the help of a bot. However, this bot process we will show can only be created within the server that you are an administrator. For this, we need Discord Mee6 bot support. Click to Install Mee6 Bot on Your Server.

  • Click on the link above to access the site. Then click the Add to Discord button that appears.

  • On the screen that appears, it will ask us to authorize the Mee6 bot to our account. Let's verify your account and click the Authorize button below.

  • Our servers will be listed in the Select a server panel that appears. If you want to add the Mee6 bot to your server, let's click the Setup button to perform the installation.

  • Again, an access request will appear before us. Let's hit the continue button.

  • Then tick all the privileges to authorize the Mee6 Discord bot to your server. Let's add the bot to our server by clicking the Authorize button below.

  • After this process, let's press the Go button located just below your server on the Mee6 site.

  • Let's open the Moderator tab in the dashboard.

  • Let's say yes to the option that appears.

  • After this process, it will direct you to the moderator page. Let's go down and activate the /clear and /clear-all-infractions commands. (It will be active by default.)

How to Use the Discord Mee6 Bot?

We have authorized the Mee6 Bot to our server. What we will do now is to obtain information on how to use Mee6 commands and use them correctly. For this;

  • If you want to perform a certain number of deletions in the chat channel in the server, we need to use the code line as below. Note: Up to 1000 messages can be deleted at one time.
    • Line of Code: !clear 500
  • To delete the messages of a specific user in the chat channel;
    • Line of Code: !clear @HataUzmani
  • To delete the messages of a particular user in the chat channel as many as the number of pieces;
    • Line of Code: !clear @HataUzmani 50

In order for these command lines to be valid, the bot privilege must be turned on. Messages from the past 2 weeks cannot be deleted from the chat channel.