How To Recover a Hacked Instagram Account

If you can't get answers to questions like "My Instagram account has been hacked", "I can't log in to my Instagram account" or "I can't open my Instagram account", this content will be written for you and will try to solve it.

How To Recover a Hacked Instagram Account
How To Recover a Hacked Instagram Account

Generally, a situation occurs due to the use of 3rd party software by people who encounter these situations. A few of them are as follows; Photos and videos of different people are liked on my instagram account, messages are sent unannounced from my instagram account, and the photo is shared, automatically following or automatically liking different people without my knowledge.

Why Can't I Log In My Instagram Account?

Friends, in such cases, your account is used with the help of bots by falling into an automatic pool. In a way, your account is serving someone else with money. First of all, we need to avoid 3rd party software to avoid such situations. If you say what you say means; Who viewed my webpostegro,instagram account that you use 3rd party software? consists of such applications. In this application, as soon as you log into your account, all your data is recorded in the database in fine detail. (Included in your password) Before using an application or site, it would be a logical way for you to refer to the privacy policy, Terms and Conditions. Using these apps can be disabled for permanently breaching your Instagram account. It's worth your attention.

Let's see how to recover your instagram account. First of all, we need to start from the phone number linked to our account. By following this way, we can easily recover our instagram account.

Changing Instagram Password with Sms and Mail

  • If your phone number is defined in your account, Forgot Your Password on the login screen on IOS devices? Click . On Android devices, click Get help to sign in on the login screen.

  • On the screen we encounter, we click on the Phone option, enter your phone number defined in your account and press the next button.

  • After this process, an sms will be sent to your phone by Instagram. You can easily change your password by clicking the following link.
  • If your phone number is not defined in your account, click on the User Name option and write your e-mail address and send the password reset link to your e-mail address.

If you cannot get a link from the phone or e-mail, your account has been completely hacked, and your e-mail and phone number have been changed.

How Do I Get Back My Hacked Instagram Account?

  • If you think your Instagram account has been hacked, enter your e-mail address defined in your account and inform [email protected] that your account has been hacked.


Hello Instagram Support Team,

My Instagram account was associated with the e-mail I sent, but my account was taken over by someone else and my e-mail address was changed. I can not access my account.

Instagram username: your username


  • After this process, Instagram may return to you late. This process may take 1 or 3 weeks.
  • On top of that, by CLICKING HERE (access with the help of a browser from your phone), answer the question on the screen and enter your information.

  • After sending your information to Instagram support teams, wait a few weeks and they will get back to you. This situation may take 1 month or more for the Instagram Support Teams to get back to you.