Valorant VAL 62 Error Solution

Players playing the Valorant game often encounter theVAL 62 error code, “An error occurred while connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client. Error Code: 62.” displayed when this error occurs.

Valorant VAL 62 Error Solution
Valorant VAL 62 Error Solution

Most of the time, running the game after restarting the computer can fix error 62. These errors normally occur when an update is made by Riot Games or when the game servers are under maintenance. Many people are searching for Error 62 Fix Valorant and Val 62 Error Code fix on the Internet, read more about Val 62 valorant fix to know the error code.

Why Do I Get Valorant VAL 62 Error?

Valorant error code 62 is usually received during system timeout. This error code 62 occurs mostly during server maintenance and Server related issues. The developers of the game (Riot games) recommend that players restart the Game client to fix this issue.

How Do I Solve Valorant VAL 62 Error?

Players don't need to uninstall the game or reinstall the whole game, just restarting the Riot games client should fix this issue due to poor connection and other Server related issues can also cause this issue.

Players are requested not to panic about this error. Valorant error code Val 62 will be resolved by restarting the game client. Keep visiting Valorant Twitter or Reddit to check if the servers are working, here check out the solutions to fix error code Val 62,

Uninstall Riot Vanguard

If the error occurs try restarting the game client, if that doesn't fix it try uninstalling the game client, Riot Vanguard. do the following steps to uninstall the client,

Go to the control panel on your PC

  • Click on 'Programs and features'.
  • Right click on 'Riot Vanguard'
  • Press 'Uninstall' to remove it.
  • After the client is uninstalled, open the valorant game and wait for vanguard to load again, then restart the computer, start the game now to check if the error 62 is resolved.

Avoid Changing Tabs

Another reason for this error code is because of multiple tabs, Game will get this error code if player press alt-tab key combination to switch tabs. Try to avoid it to stay away from Valorant error code 62 from the client.

Contact support

If none of these Solutions are working, you can contact Valorant support and see more details on the Valorant Server Status page for contact information and Server maintenance details.