Valorant Restart Error Solution

Some valorant players encountered "You have to restart your system to play this game." error, he is unable to access the game because he did not get any information about why he could not log into his account.

Valorant Restart Error Solution
Valorant Restart Error Solution

Why Do I Get the Valorant Restart Error?

This error is caused by the VGC service developed by Riot Games, namely the Vanguard Anti Cheat system, not working fully in the back.

How Do I Solve Valorant Reboot Error?

First of all, we need to check the Vanguard Anti Cheat service for this;

  • We open Services by typing in the Start search bar.

  • In the Services window that opens, we find the vgc service and double click it.
  • On the screen that appears, we will need to start the service status by changing the startup type to Automatic.

  • After performing this operation, the service status will appear as Running.

After this process, you can restart your computer and enter the game.

Let's reset the VGC file

  1. If you have performed the above operation but still get the same error, let's access the "C: \ Program Files \ Riot Vanguard" file. (The file access of your fix game must also be located in the C: \ folder.
  2. Let's open the uninstall.exe program and perform the deletion. (Let's say yes to the warning that comes up.)
  3. Let's run our VALORANT game on our desktop.
  4. Launcher will reload by scanning for missing files and reloading vgc in services status.
  5. After the scanning process is ready, we can now enter our game.