Minecraft Color Codes List

Since Minecraft players want a more lively and active environment on the map where they play in the open world, they want to write in a colorful way in the Minecraft chat box. For players who want to type in color in Minecraft chat, we have extracted the color code list in this article.

Jul 25, 2021 - 21:08
Minecraft Color Codes List
Minecraft Color Codes List

Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Swedish developer Markus Alexej Persson, published by Mojang Studios in 2011 and acquired by Microsoft in 2014. The game allows you to make various designs with cubes. It has 3D voxel graphics.

Along with being played in single player mode, Minecraft gives you the opportunity to have fun with your friends on multiplayer servers by adding new addons on the open world. One of these plugins is the colored text writing code in the chat section.

How Do I Use Minecraft Color Codes?

You can add a colorful atmosphere to the game by typing the color codes we have listed below in the chat box. We can create the color codes that the servers add as a plugin with the & sign.

Minecraft Color Codes List

  • &1 code: Dark Blue
  • &2 code: Green
  • &3 code: Light Blue
  • &4 code: Red
  • &5 code: Purple
  • &6 code: Yellow
  • &7 code: Light Gray
  • &8 code: Gray
  • &9 code: Turquoise
  • &0 code: Black
  • &a code: Light Green
  • &e code: Light Yellow
  • &c code: Light Red
  • &b code: Light Blue
  • &d code: Light Purple
  • &f code: White

In addition to the color codes, there are different code structures for those who want to shape. There is also a constantly changing color code for those who say they don't want to add a constant color.

  • &l code: Bold text
  • &m code: Strikethrough text
  • &n code: Underline text
  • &o code: Italic text
  • &k code: Constantly changing text
  • &u code: Minecraft constantly changing color text
  • &r code: Resets the colors of the text after it

Minecraft Color Code Examples

If you say that I learned the color codes but I don't know how to apply them, we have prepared a few examples for you.

  • &oHi = Hi
  • Hi &lWhat's up = Hi what's up
  • &3Run! = Run!

In addition, we can give both color and shape to our writing;

  • &4&oLet's See = Let's See
  • &4&nShow Yourself = Show Yourself

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