How to fix Minecraft bugs?

In this article, my friends, I will compile the common error on Minecraft for you. Minecraft has the patience of users with an error that is frequently played in our country and makes it addictive. Let's do the general error solutions together with you. Many mistakes that suddenly collapse, do not turn on after formatting and darken the screen can annoy Minecraft players. However, solving these errors is not difficult at all after taking the right steps. If you are also encountering such errors while playing Minecraft, you can fix the issue by following the steps below.

May 9, 2021 - 18:36
May 9, 2021 - 19:29
How to fix Minecraft bugs?
How to fix Minecraft bugs?

Errors such as suddenly collapsing, not opening in any way after formatting the computer, annoy the minecraft players and let's find the solution of the errors you get right together.

Lower the image (Render) quality

No matter how good your computer is, Minecraft crashes may occur due to optimization issues, so turning the display (graphics) settings to a lower level or slightly more instead of the Highest setting (Extreme) will solve our error somewhat.

Make a clean setup from top to bottom

We do this for every application. The best way to do this is to clean the minecraft from top to bottom. But even if we remove the minecraft, some files remain on our computer permanently. For this, we need to activate our hidden files. Come to the start search and search for %appdata% to clean the file folder that says .minecraft do. However, you need to make a backup of the "save" folder first, provided you do not do this immediately, otherwise your entire saved world on the game will disappear.

A brief information for those who cannot activate file privacy on Windows 10; This PC> File> Change folder and search options> View> Show hidden files, folders and drives

Check for updates frequently

Check all your driver updates, from the mouse to the graphics card. (Including Java.) Problems may occur on the game, especially because the Java program is not up to date.

Yes, friends, we have solved our problem under this heading. If your problem still continues, you can enter our ERROR ASK platform and ask for any errors you encounter.

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