Jumping with CS: GO Mouse

In CS: GO, we explained it with a simple code structure that some gamers are used to jumping with the middle mouse wheel button (bunny).

May 10, 2021 - 19:41
Jumping with CS: GO Mouse
Jumping with CS: GO Mouse

CS: GO continues to update and renew itself every day with 966 thousand users per day. By entering the code blocks called console in the game, many edits can be made into the game. One of them is the code for jumping with the mouse you searched for. After typing the code below in Console, you can jump with the mouse wheel. Of course, you can continue to jump with space.

You can copy and paste the code I have given below.

bind mwheeldown + jump

When you write the code above, you can jump in the game with mouse. Good games in competitive mode ;)

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