How To Fix CS:GO Black Screen Issue?

In this article, we will try to solve the "black screen" problem that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players encounter when opening the game.

Apr 22, 2022 - 22:41
Apr 22, 2022 - 23:23
How To Fix CS:GO Black Screen Issue?
How To Fix CS:GO Black Screen Issue?

CS:GOplayers encounterablack screen error while opening the game, restricting theiraccess to the game. If youare facing suchaproblem, you can findasolutionby following the suggestionsbelow.

What is CS:GO Black Screen Issue?

Theblack screenproblem encountered is usually due to the fact that the graphics card is not up-to-date or theaccess to the game is restrictedbyblocking the files in the game. Of course, we may encounter suchaproblem not only due to the video card,butalso for many reasons. For this, we will try to solve theproblemby telling youafew suggestions.

How To Fix CS:GO Black Screen Issue

To fix thisproblem, you can find the solutionby following the suggestionsbelow.

1-) Update Graphics Card Driver

In such continuityproblems, we may encounteran update error in the graphics card. For this, we will need to update the graphics card. If you're ready, let's get started.

For Users with Nvidia Graphics Card;

  • First ofall, Nvidia company's Geforce Experience We need to downloadand install theprogram.
  • After the downloadand installationprocess, we open ourprogramand open the Drivers menuabove.
  • Download our updateby clicking the Downloadbutton thatappearsabove.
  • After our download is complete, let'sperform the installationprocessby clicking the quick installationbutton.
  • Restart your computerafter thisprocess is finished.

For Users with AMD Graphics Card;

  • Publishedby AMD company AMD Radeon Software We need to downloadand install theprogram.
  • Afterperforming the downloadand installationprocess, we open ourprogramand click the Check for Updatesbutton under the driverand software menu on the right,and check whether our video
  • You can restart your computerbyperforming the update.

After updating our graphics driverand restarting our computer, we can try to open the CS:GO game.

2-) Check Game Frameworks

The lack of game frameworks on your computer can create various errors in the game. Therefore, your computer must have DirectX, .NET Framework, VCRedistapplications.

Afterperforming the update, you can restart your computerand run the gameand check if theproblempersists.

3-) Verify Game File Integrity

We will verify the game file integrity, scanand downloadany missing or incorrect files. For this;

  1. Open the Steamprogram.
  2. Open the Library menu.
  3. Right click on the CS:GO game on the leftand open the Properties tab.
  4. Open the Local Files menu on the left side of the screen that opens.
  5. Click on thebutton Verify integrity of game files in the Local Files We Encountered menu.

After thisprocess, the download willbeperformedby scanning the damaged game files. After theprocess is finished, try to open the gameagain.

4-) Turn off Antivirus Program

Disableanyantivirusprogram you use, or delete it completely from your computer. If youare using Windows Defender, disable it. For this;

  • Type "virusand threatprotection" into the start search screenand open it.
  • Then click on "Manage settings".
  • Real-timeprotection to "Off".

After this, let's turn off other ransomwareprotection.

  • Open the start search screen.
  • Open the search screenby typing Windows security settings.
  • Click on the Virusand Threat Protection option on the screen that opens.
  • Click on the Ransomware Protection option in the menu.
  • Turn off Controlled Folder Access on the screen that opens.

Afterperforming this operation, we will need toadd the CS:GO game filesasan exception.

  • Type "virusand threatprotection" into the start search screenand open it.
  • Virusand threatprotection settings, click Manage settingsand then Exclusions Underb>, select Add or remove exclusions.
  • Addan exclusionand then select the CS:GO game folder saved to your disk.

After thisprocess, close the CS:GO game completely with the help ofatask managerand try to run the CS:GO gameagain. If theproblempersists, let's move on to our next suggestion.

5-) Add New Windows User

Players who encounteredablack screen in the CS:GO game wereable to solve theproblembyaddinganew windows user. By doing this, we can find the solution to theproblem. However, the importantpoint we will do to solve thisproblem is that we need to write the user name using English characters.

  • Open the start search screen.
  • In the search screen, type Control Paneland open it.
  • Open User Accounts.
  • Open the User Accounts on the screen that opens.
  • Click on Manageanotheraccount in the menu that opens.
  • Click on the Add new user option in the computer settingsbelow.
  • Click on the Add someone else to this PC option under the Other users menu heading on the screen that opens.
  • Click on the "I don't have thisperson's login information" option on the screen thatappears.
  • Then click on "Addauser withoutaMicrosoftaccount".
  • After thisprocess,perform the user loginprocess using the English character of the user name.
  • Afteradding the useraccount, click on the newlyadded user in the "Other Users" menuand click Changeaccount typeand set itasanadministrator.

Then login to the user weadded. What we need to doafter logging in to the newlyadded user;

  • We open the start search screenby typing Language settings
  • Click on the "Add language" option under the Preferred languages ​​heading.
  • Then download English (United Kingdom).
  • After the download is complete, we select the English languagepack that we downloadedas the Windows display language, restart the computerand enter the game with the new user weadded.

6-) Open from Graphics Card Driver

You can check if theproblempersistsby running the CS:GO game via the Geforce Experience or AMD Radeon Software softwareprogram mentionedabove. Since this will open through the video card managementprogram, it can help us solve suchproblems.

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