How to Unlock iPhone Battery Percentage?

When iPhone users want to check the battery indicator in the upper right corner, they cannot see the battery percentage.

Mar 16, 2022 - 11:34
Mar 16, 2022 - 12:07
How to Unlock iPhone Battery Percentage?
How to Unlock iPhone Battery Percentage?

In thisarticle, we willprovide information on how iPhone users can turn onbatterypercentage. Users often see thisasaproblemand call "How to turn onbatterypercentage on iPhone?", "Why doesn't iPhonebatterypercentage show?" and “ How to open iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13batterypercentage?" wants to reach the solution. If youare in thearticle with suchaquestion, you can find the solutionby following the stepbelow.

Why Doesn't iPhone Battery Percentage Appear?

Why is iPhone Battery Percentage Not Displaying?

Usually, those who use notchedphonesareamong those who complain the mostabout this situation. The reason for this is that the iPhone has completely hidden the homebuttonand top notch gaps with the newphone design. In order not to causeproblems with the theme, thebatterypercentage in the upper right corner is hidden. Therefore, users cannot see thebatterypercentage on the main screen when they lookat the upper right corner.

Users with homebutton can openbatterypercentage withashort step. Since thisplugin is disabledby default, it shows usapercentlessbattery overflow. For this, we can open thebatterypercentageby following the stepsbelow.

How to Unlock iPhone Battery Percentage

There is no feature for iPhone users who use notchedphones to turn on thebatterypercentage on the home screen. But when we slide down thebatterypercentage in the upper right corner, we can see thebatterypercentage easily.

If youarean iPhone user withahomebutton, you can turn on thebatterypercentageby following the stepsbelow.

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Click on Battery.
  • Thenactivate the "Battery Percentage" option on the screen we see.

After thisprocess, the instrumentpanel willbe located next to thebattery indicator in the upper left corner.

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