Fix: Valorant Not Working

In this article, we will try to solve the non-working problem that Valorant players encounter when opening the game.

Aug 24, 2022 - 12:58
Aug 24, 2022 - 12:59
Fix: Valorant Not Working
Fix: Valorant Not Working

When Valorant players want to open the game, they observe that the game is not running and their access to the game is restricted. If you are facing suchaproblem, you can findasolution by following the suggestions below.

Why Isn't Valorant Working?

Valorant Not Working

This problem is usually accompanied by damage to game files. Of course, we may encounter such an error not only because of this problem, but also because of many problems. Possible reasons for Valorant not working can belisted as follows:

  • Antivirus program may be blocking the game.
  • The game file may be damaged.
  • The system requirement may not be met.
  • There may beanetwork problem.
  • Your drivers may not be up to date.

The reasons we havelisted above can cause you to encounter many problems. For this, we will try to solve the problem by telling youafew suggestions.

How to Fix Valorant Not Working Issue?

To fix this error, you can find the solution to the problem by following the suggestions below.

1-) Run as Administrator

Not authorizing the game as an administrator may cause you to encounter the problem of not working.

  • Close Riot Client and Valorant application completely with the help of task manager.
  • Run the "Riot Client" application on the desktop as an administrator.

After this process, you can run the game and check if the problem persists.

2-) Turn off Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

To protect data in memory from malware, we can disable protection by exception using the DEP plugin.

  • In the start search screen, type "Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows" and open it.
  • Turn on "Data Execution Prevention" in the menu.
  • Select "Turn on DEP for all Windows programs and services except those I have selected" on the screen that opens.
  • Click the "Add" button below to select the Valorant game and click the "Apply" button. Perform the selection process by reaching the file location we will leave below.
    • C:\Riot Games\VALORANT\VALORANT\live\VALORANT.exe
    • C:\Riot Games\VALORANT\VALORANT\live\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe

After performing the operation, you can run the game and check if the problem persists.

3-) Check Game Frameworks

The lack of game frameworks on your computer can create various errors in the game. Therefore, your computer must have DirectX, .NET Framework, VCRedist applications.

After performing the update, you can restart your computer and run the game and check if the problem persists.

4-) Update Graphics Card Driver

In such continuity problems, we may encounter an update error in the graphics card. For this we will need to update the graphics card. If you're ready, let's get started.

For Users with Nvidia Graphics Card;

  • First of all, Nvidia company's Geforce Experience We need to download and install the program.
  • After the download and installation process, we open our program and open the Drivers menu above.
  • Download our update by clicking the Download button that appears above.
  • After our download is complete, let's perform the installation process by clicking the quick installation button.
  • Restart your computer after this process is finished.

For Users with AMD Graphics Card;

  • Published by AMD company AMD Radeon Software We need to download and install the program.
  • After the download and installation process, we open our program and click the Check for Updates button under the driver and software menu on the right, and check if our video card is up to date.
  • You can restart your computer by performing the update.

After updating our graphics driver and restarting our computer, we can try to open the Valorant game.

5-) Turn off Antivirus Program

Disable any antivirus program you use, or delete it completely from your computer. If you are using Windows Defender, disable it. For this;

  • Type "virus and threat protection" into the start search screen and open it.
  • Then click on "Manage settings".
  • Turn Real-time protection to "Off".

After this, let's turn off other ransomware protection.

  • Open the start search screen.
  • Open the search screen by typing Windows security settings.
  • Click on the Virus and Threat Protection option on the screen that opens.
  • Click on the Ransomware Protection option in the menu.
  • Turn off Controlled Folder Access on the screen that opens.

After performing this operation, we will need to add Valorant game files as exceptions.

  • Type "virus and threat protection" into the start search screen and open it.
  • Virus and threat protection settings, select Manage settings, and then under Exclusions Exclude select add or remove.
  • Add an exclusion, and then select the  Valorant game folder saved to your disk.
    • C:\Riot Games\

After this process, close the Valorant game completely with the help ofatask manager and try to run the Valorant game again. If the problem persists, let's move on to our next suggestion.

6-) Reinstall VGC Software

You may be encountering this problem because of the vgc service. For this, we can reach the solution of the problem by checking the Vgc service.

  • If you have performed the above operation but still get the same error, let's access the "C:\Program Files\Riot Vanguard" file. (The file access of your Fix game must also be in the C:\ folder.)
  • Let's open the installer.exe program and perform the deletion.(Let's say yes to the warning that appears.)
  • Let's run our VALORANT game on our desktop.
  • Launcher will scan for missing files and reinstall and reinstall vgc in services state.
  • After the scan process is ready, we type Services in the start search bar and open it.

Running Valorant Vgc

  • In the Services window that opens, we find the vgc service and double-click it
  • We will need to start the service state by changing the startup type to Automatic.

valorant vgc run

  • After performing this operation, the service status will appear as Running

valorant vgc service

After this process, you can restart your computer and log in to the game.

Yes, friends, we have solved our problem under this title. If your problem persists, you can ask about the errors you encounter by entering our FORUM platform that we have opened.

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