Minecraft Crash Report Error Solution

The "Crash Report" error that Minecraft players mostly encounter is seen for many reasons. If you are getting such an error, we have made some suggestions for you to solve it in this article.

Aug 4, 2021 - 18:37
Aug 5, 2021 - 00:43
Minecraft Crash Report Error Solution
Minecraft Crash Report Error Solution

We will prevent such problems by realizing the Crash Report Error that Windows users encounter with Minecraft download, with the 5 items we have presented to you.

Why Am I Getting Minecraft Crash Report Error?

The reason why Minecraft Launcher gives Crash happens for many reasons. One of them may be that your computer's system requirement does not fully meet Minecraft. But if you think you have logged into the game before, you may be getting such an error because your device drivers are not up to date. If your device drivers are fully up to date, you may be getting such an error because your java driver is outdated or not working properly because it works with the Minecraft java library. By reasoning like this, we can figure out where your problems originate.

How Do I Fix Minecraft Crash Report Error?

We will solve the Crash Report error by showing many suggestions for you. Let's find solutions to the problem together by performing the items listed below.

1-) Restart your computer

Restarting our computer will magically solve any possible errors we encounter. This will help to fully resolve the errors we encounter as it resets the errors or programs encountered in the background. You can check if it works by restarting our computer and running Minecraft Launcher.

2-) Update Game Patches

Minecraft brings many updates to avoid bugs. It is possible to encounter such errors in a program that is not generally updated. Therefore, keeping the game up to date will protect and prevent you from possible errors. This helps fix some bugs that crash your game. You can download the latest Minecraft here.

If you have installed the Mod in the Minecraft file, delete Minecraft, download the latest version, install it and try to log in.

3-) Update Your Graphics Card

Did you know that your missing or outdated graphics card can cause you to get errors in Minecraft or different games? One of the reasons we encounter such an error is that our graphics card is out of date.

You can upgrade your outdated graphics card to the latest version by downloading the Driver Booster program so that we can verify if our graphics card is up to date. If you see that more than one of your devices is out of date, I suggest you to upgrade the other outdated devices to the latest version.

After performing these operations, find out which company your graphics card is from and download the installation manager. For example: Graphics card company Nvidia; Download and install Nvidia Geforce Experience and restart your computer. If the graphics card company is Amd; Download and install AMD Radeon Software and restart your computer.

4-) Minecraft Cache Issue

  • Open Win+R or type Run in the Start search bar and type %appdata% in the search box. Let's completely delete .minecraft in the Roaming folder that opens.(shift+delete)
  • After this process, try to download the latest version of Minecraft and run it as an Administrator.

5-) Java Library Not Up-to-Date

Due to the fact that Minecraft works with the java library, it is very likely that users will encounter many errors through Minecraft Launcher due to the java library not being able to load or using outdated java. For this reason, if the java library is installed from our computer, I suggest you delete it and install it if it is not.

  • First, let's check that the java library is installed on our computer. For this;
    • Type Control Panel in the start search bar and open it.
    • On the screen that opens, click on Uninstall a program.
    • Let's check if java is installed by typing java in the search bar at the top right. If it is installed, let's delete it.

  • After performing this process, let's download the recommended Java Runtime version and install it.
  • Try to run Minecraft Launcher by restarting our computer.
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