Solutions to the Most Common iPhone Problems

Hello If you follow the algorithm below, we will solve most of your troubles except for bugs and hardware issues that occur from iOS and require updating for solution.

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Solutions to the Most Common iPhone Problems
Solutions to the Most Common iPhone Problems

preliminary note: these methods may not work in beta versions. If you are sure that you are not using the beta version, try these methods, if you are using beta, it would be better for you to return to the normal version.

basic algorithm

1- Make sure there is a problem with the device.
example: Wifi is on but not showing its icon .. now devices will only show a symbol according to the device they are connected to. related apple article. In other words, it's not a problem, it's annoying but something the device is supposed to do.

2- If your device gives a feedback about the problem, read and understand these feedbacks thoroughly, because they give very important clues about what the trouble is caused by. Example: When you try to perform a transaction via cellular data, if an application tells you that you do not have an internet connection even though the lte / 3g status icon is on your screen, you probably turned off the cellular data permission of that application. Example 2: If it says "Your request could not be fulfilled, there was a problem with connecting to the server", then you are experiencing a problem with your internet connection. Trying another wi-fi or resetting your network settings will most likely solve the problem.

3- After reducing the problem to certain issues, check the settings of the device related to that issue. example: If you have lost the app store icon on the screen, try to find the itunes and app store title in the settings section, check if there is anything strange here. Alternatively, check the limitations / screen time sections and again use the reset home screen layout option after the reset options in the general settings. second example: when you touch the fingerprint reader, the lock is removed but the screen does not turn on without pressing the button; Under the general settings, go to the accessibility options and from there to the home button section and check the settings here. If "open with finger" is not turned on, you will find it here.

4- If you cannot find a similar topic in the settings, open the reset section under the general settings and do a reset related to the issue. such as "reset network settings" for network connectivity problems, "reset home screen layout" to not find the app on the screen. If you could not find a reset option relevant to the issue, reset all settings.

5- If no method has worked, reset (restore) your iPhone via iTunes and try it by setting it up as a new iPhone. If your problems are solved, it means you are facing a software problem. If not resolved, to the right service. Important note: Apple ID troubles should be excluded from this step.

As an alternative to step 6, when you reach this stage, you can also call (see apple support) for help. Let the numbers stop here: 02162821511.

intermediate note: It was possible for users to create callbacks via the apple support application or the support website. Service appointments are also made in these ways. He adds that you don't call and let the customer service call you.

The following section contains detailed solutions for many problems.

From here, you can evaluate your own situation and go through suggestions for solutions.

Before starting, it is necessary to know that with the ios 10, the performance of iPhone devices has become closely related to the battery percentage. As you know, in January 2018, Apple appliances admitted that they slowed down as the battery performance declines to defend against unexpected shutdown problems. For this reason, the first thing I will recommend is to check the battery health for those who use iOS 11.3 and later versions, because if the battery is low, whatever you do, the performance will not improve and there will be errors. If you see any warning about battery health, service or performance regulation, first of all, you have changed the battery. If you are using a version before ios 11.3 and it is not possible to install it, it is useful to consult a customer service.

Another point I should mention is the forced restart as a last resort in case of not solving many problems - "reset all settings" - "update or reset via recovery mode" and if it is reset, "setting it as a new iphone" (item 5). it will be done and these steps will be the last steps before taking it to the service. these quartet mostly fixes your problems. Let's call these four last resort steps. because I will use it often.

Now you will say "So what will happen to my data if I format it?" I will be explaining that part at the end under the title of icloud usage, backup and synchronization.

The part below this point is for devices that do not have battery related issues.

problems with sticking, freezing without applying

In general, these problems are caused by software, friends. The first thing to do is to observe the problems. Are stalling problems or knock-out problems specific to some applications or can they occur in any application? the most common situation is the problem experienced in the whole system. It is caused by the problems experienced during the update. It is mostly observed in updates made over wi-fi.

If the problem is experienced in certain applications or applications, we only find the applications under the general heading "iphone storage area" under the settings application and we delete them one by one with the "delete application" option in red and download it again. Your problem will most likely be fixed. In some cases, these problems may be caused by the internet connection, for those cases, check again after the cellular data and wi-fi problems title, if not solved, you can try these steps again.

If the entire system is affected we will use the last resort steps. I'm writing again once again: the first thing you should try would be the force restart steps. You can find these steps on this page. If this step does not work, try the "reset all settings" option from the reset submenu under the general heading in the settings application. If this does not offer a solution to you, your job is now left to the computer, you have to take the update over the computer or worse, you have to format it completely. Again, you can get help for these steps from this page.

problems with the battery running out quickly, the percentage of charge suddenly dropping or the phone turning off even when charging,

I will divide this group into two because the charge ends quickly and the rest are separate issues.

If you think the charge is draining fast, first take a look at this page and this page and change the recommended settings. Then, if your signal strength is weak for lte, switch to 3g and try again. Your trouble will likely be resolved. If not, we follow the last resort steps.

It is always useful to take a look at the following page for the charging percentage to drop by 5-8% at a time or for the phone shutdown problems when there is a charge. There may be faulty production in some series and Apple announces these problems on this page. Apart from that, if the battery is healthy and there are these problems, you can follow the last resort steps again, I give 50% probability of working. If you do not want to go directly to the service, you can try. In addition, you will see a battery health section under battery settings. When you look here, if it does not say "highest performance capability", go to the correct service.

no service / searching problems

Those who use their device within the borders of Turkey have the possibility of having problems with btk registration, so they should do a check. Users abroad can skip the following three paragraphs directly.

First, go to this page and query your device's btk record. On this page, if the device was purchased from Turkey, it should appear as "imei registered through import", and the foreign device registered in the passport as "imei registered with the passenger". Friends who see one of these two warnings can continue directly 2 paragraphs below.

Apart from these options, as far as I know, you have the possibility to see 4 different warnings: "unregistered imei", "cloned imei", "imei closed to communication when xyz courthouse goes dark" and "imei not registered due to main board change". "unregistered imei" is the status information that you will see if your device is brought from abroad or if there is a problem in the service's registration process after it has been changed in the service. If it came from abroad, you must register your device. If you are faced with such a situation after a change in service, you need to call apple customer service, they will intervene. On the other hand, "imei, which is off the record due to the change of main board", may indicate that your device should not actually be in your hands, but it is a product collected for replacement in a service. In this case, I recommend you to contact your reseller and apple customer service.

In case of clone imei, all you need to do is contact your dealer and define your imei number on a single line. I am not writing the details here again, as I explain in detail in the title and also share the necessary links. As you can guess, the imei number notification closed by the courthouse decision is used for the imei numbers on which a forensic investigation is ongoing. In such cases, you can get information from the courthouse.

In devices that do not have a problem in btk recording, the source of the trouble may be a few issues. The device may be having problems at the point of receiving the signals from the base stations, your line may be cut off and worn out, your sim card reader may have failed. First of all, make sure that your sim card is made of nano-sim cards that support 128 kb lte. then I suggest you try the "reset network settings" option from the reset subheading under the general heading in the settings application. This process solves your problem in some cases. If the troubles are not solved with these two processes, we follow the last resort steps and many problems will be solved after these processes.

No sim or sim card not available problems

There are 2 chances that you will experience these troubles. First, you bought your device on a contract from an operator and the device is sim locked (there is no sim lock in Turkey, so you can consider the devices purchased from Turkey outside of this section). Or the device cannot read the sim card for some reason. In sim locked devices, it is sufficient to contact your operator and ask to remove this lock, in some cases you may need to restore the phone once via iTunes. but if the device does not read the sim card, it is most likely serviceable. In the settings application, under the general title, there is a section called operator in the section about. If nothing is written in this section, it means that your sim card cannot be read. In this case, if the device is not up to date, you need to update it, and if there are still problems, the device is serviceable.

cellular data problems

Cellular data problems generally manifest themselves as slow connection problems or intermittent interruptions. Even though you have an internet connection, you may receive a "no internet" warning in some applications. If you only get no internet warning from certain applications, you will see the cellular data usage permissions of the applications under the cellular heading in the settings application, in this section, make sure that the application you are having trouble with is open. Again, I wouldn't recommend turning off the cellular data usage of "settings" in this panel.

wi-fi connection problems

There are basically 4 types of wi-fi problems. The wi-fi is not turned on, the wi-fi connection is very weak, there is a signal, but it cannot connect to wi-fi or even though it is connected to wi-fi, it cannot access the internet.

Call customer service softly without any hassle for wi-fi not turning on. They can do some tests related to the device, have a look and make sure there is no problem with the wi-fi antennas. If there is already a problem, you will go to the service, otherwise customer service will direct you.

If your connection is weak even though you are at the bottom of the modem (there is no wall in between, the modem is a couple of meters away but only one or two) or if the phone does not connect despite seeing the wi-fi network, try to reset your network settings first, if the problem persists, you can follow the last resort steps. Likely, your problem will be solved after this procedure.

If connected to wi-fi but cannot access the internet, try other apps / safari first. If none of them are able to connect to the internet, check your modem and make sure you are not using a limited connection. If some of them can connect, but if you have problems with some, first delete the applications and reinstall them (open the application page under the iphone storage settings and click the red delete button). If it doesn't work, contact the app developers.

bluetooth connection problems

You may experience 3 types of distress; bluetooth does not turn on, bluetooth is turned on but it does not see my devices and my devices cannot be connected even though they appear.

In case of bluetooth not turning on, call customer service directly such as wi-fi.

In cases where your devices are not visible or visible but not connected, first make sure that the device you are trying to use is supported by the iphone (for example, you cannot see other smartphones under bluetooth), then turn your phone and your devices off and on. If the problem persists, try your devices with different phones. If there is no problem on other devices, try the last resort steps, the problem will most likely be solved.

Problems with not being able to update the ios version

First of all, I do not recommend updating iosu over wi-fi, for a healthy use, update your devices via itunes as much as possible.

For those who say I will update via wi-fi but not necessarily; first make sure you have the maximum conditions to start the update. the device must have a Wi-Fi connection, charge over 50% or be connected, and have sufficient free storage space. If the update does not start even though these conditions are met, try to force it to restart first, if the problem is not solved, reset all the settings, if this does not solve it, see it as if it is not possible to update via wi-fi.

For those who say I am having problems updating via iTunes; First, make sure your iTunes version is up to date (related article). If itunes is giving an error, follow the steps from here, here and here in order. If the problems are not solved, do not apply other steps to the devices covered by the warranty, forced software installation through 3rd party software or throwing it in the refrigerator, heating it with a dryer, I know there are those who say that the problem has been solved on the internet, but do not go to the right service, they will take care of what is required. For devices that are out of warranty, let me warn the people who will take these steps from the front. You are faced with the possibility that they will not be able to open your phone in any way. Apply these methods of uncertain origin on the internet only when you are ready to throw the phone into the trash.

problems with itunes

For problems other than updating software related to iTunes, such as I cannot synchronize, cannot retrieve my photos, cannot see my phone, first follow the steps in the following article and let itunes recognize your phone. then complete your data transfer with the help of this article. Important note; Photos synced with itunes are saved on the phone in a way that cannot be modified, deleted individually or shared. We have a little trick to get out of this situation; After the synchronization is finished, we open the photos application over the phone and come to the albums folder. here we find the photos transferred from the computer and select them all. We select "duplicate" from the options that appear below. This process ensures that exact copies of your photos are created in the camera roll / archive. these copies can be edited, shared and deleted. Now you will say that there are 2 pictures, we handle it as follows, we click on your name from the settings application and come to the icloud settings, then click the photos tab and open the icloud photos. While doing this, it will ask you to delete the photos transferred from the computer. When we say "delete", only the copies remain, and those transferred from the computer are deleted.

problems not opening, downloading, updating applications

It is possible to encounter various problems in this section, it will not meet all of what I have written here, so if you think your situation is not similar to those here, it is useful to contact the application developer and apple customer service.

In any case, please first check the compatibility of your application with the iOS version you are currently using. example: whatsapp requires ios 8 and above, so iphone 4 cannot open whatsapp, while iphone 4s and later can now open. whatsapp support will probably lose at 4s in the future. some applications will not be updated to the most current version of ios. There is nothing Apple can do about these issues, friends, bother the application developer, calling customer service will not give a result.

I will examine the application not opening problems separately from the other two. Now let's divide it into two, applications that use the internet, that have to connect to a remote server to work, and applications that do not need anything other than the systems inside the phone. For the first part, the application does not open problems, if you do not have a problem with the ios version, it will be caused by either software problems or internet connection problems. Applications such as instagram, facebook, sahibinden, hürriyet are such applications or games such as pubg, summoners war sky arena. If you see a black screen after clicking the application and it does not go forward, first check the update of your ios version, if it is up to date, first try to find the application in the iphone storage list under general settings and delete it with the red delete button. If it still does not open, contact the application developer. If the application landing page comes up but the interface cannot be loaded, or if you are stuck on the start screen, you may have connection problems. First of all, it is useful to check the application developer's page on the internet, there may be an update or the servers may be closed. If there is no problem in the application developer part, changing your network connection or using vpn will solve your problem.

Applications that do not need anything other than the systems in the phone are applications such as pages, cam scanner, music, and clock. These applications can transfer data using an internet connection, but they can also work without an internet connection. Basically, if you are having problems with these applications, it is highly likely that there is a software problem or your hardware may not be working. example: the measurement app uses some of the device's sensors, if these sensors are broken, they may not turn on. For this reason, it would be beneficial to call a customer service first.

screen lock, limitations, or screen time problems

We have only one type of problem that you may have with these issues, password problems. Limitations with screen lock / screen time passwords basically have a slight difference, so I'll consider it separately. The solution for both cases is the same: resetting the device, but your probability and methods of recovering information are different for these two cases.

If you forgot your screen lock password, the following article has explained the solution method nicely. I'm just going to talk about the possibility of recovering your data. There are 2 methods of backing up iphone phones, and apart from these, it is also possible to sync data on icloud. For a device whose screen lock is forgotten, the first thing I would suggest is to check your apple ID by going to the icloud website. Here your pictures, contacts, notes etc. may have been saved or a backup may have been taken. If the first option is correct, you can at least view whether your protected data is up to date, which is good news. If there is a backup, you may not be able to see the date information. At this point, contact customer service, they may be able to provide information about your Apple ID and the up-to-dateness of your backup. Our other option is to try to make a backup on itunes. Now a locked iPhone can be backed up via itunes without asking for a password if it is connected to a previously synced and "trusted" computer. At this point, we have only one problem that the phone periodically removes these reliable computers from their systems, so it may not work in all cases. In the meantime, if the device's wi-fi settings are turned on when the screen is locked and the device can connect to the internet, it is useful to check the icloud again. because when there is enough space and the device is empty, it can automatically back up to icloud, thanks to this feature, your data can be saved.

If the limitations / screen time password is forgotten, we will not be able to take advantage of icloud and itunes backup because the backups contain this password and restore it when restoring from the backup. Those faced with this problem should recover their data using the icloud sync feature. At this stage I will explain the differences between icloud syncing and backup below, you can skip to the end of the article.

problems with storage space

When you receive a warning about the storage space, it is necessary to read the text carefully because it may say "Your phone could not be backed up because you do not have enough icloud storage space" or "You may not be able to use some applications due to insufficient iPhone storage space".

icloud data transfer or backup problems

If you are having problems trying to backup via iTunes, please go back to the itunes problems section and follow the steps there. Also, if you want to find the location of your backup files, you can get help from this article.

We have some prerequisites to backup via icloud. First of all, your device must be connected to the wifi network, have a charge of fifty percent or more, or be connected to a charge, and your screen must be locked. The device may not continue the icloud backup while you are using the phone. Also, the backup time may take a long time depending on your internet speed and the size of the data to be backed up. Because the highest upload speed offered to normal customers is 5 mbps, as far as I know, it means a loading speed of around 680 kilobytes per second, since the phones now easily exceed the 30 gigabyte level, the backup can take a few days. Apart from these conditions, of course, there is also not enough space in your icloud storage space, which may hinder you from backing up. You can increase your storage space in the form of a monthly subscription. If the price is not too expensive, you can increase your space.

If you still get an error despite meeting all the conditions, I recommend that you delete your device backups on icloud once and start backing up from the beginning. To delete the backups, we go to the settings section of your phone and then to the icloud section. Then we go to the manage storage area and select the backups from here, and we delete all the backups of your phone. After completing these, try starting a backup once again. If you are still having trouble call customer service.

use of icloud, backup and sync

iPhones have two different options for saving information: backup and synchronization. While the backup is stored in a package by compressing and encrypting the data in the device (think of collecting and wrapping the items in a box to store them), synchronization stores your data in separate sub-headings and allows you to control it through the icloud website (such as making a shelf in your storage and arranging the items on the shelves without packing). Although synchronization seems more logical, it doesn't include all of your data, unfortunately. You can review the scope of the backup from the following article. Synchronization can retrieve contacts, photos, calendars, reminders, notes, messages, safari history and auto-fillings, stock market data, home data, health data, wallet data, icloud key chain data, siri, game center and icloud drive. You cannot sync the general settings of your synchronizing device, which applications have been downloaded, your screen shot, and so on. The good news is that the data you sync on icloud is not included in the backup file. in other words, you can back up the data you want to see on the icloud website by putting them on shelves and throwing the rest into parcels.

First of all, we come to the title with your name from the settings application and open the icloud option from here. Everything you see in this list except for icloud backup is the sync option that will be added to the icloud website (important note, game center, keychain, wallet, and non-apple applications saved in icloud drive will not appear on the icloud website. It will be instantly available on any device you log in.) Make sure that each option on this list that is important to you is green, in addition, the photos are an exception. You will see that the photos have their own subtitles. Don't be fooled by the text "on" and go in and make sure the "icloud photo library" or "icloud photos" option is turned on. here you will see two options best storage and download on iphone and keep originals these two options determine the management of data on the phone while syncing. Download and keep originals keeps the original photos both on icloud and on the phone and does not save any space on the phone. The best storage on the iphone is to upload the originals of your photos to the iclouda, and in case there is no space on the phone, it reduces the quality of the photos and videos on your phone and even just leave them as links. In this case, if you want to open the photos or videos, it will download them again from the internet. I recommend the second option to friends with storage space problems, but you need to be careful with your cellular data because every video or photo will be downloaded from the internet.

I suggest you also turn on the icloud drive option. The information you open in this list will not be included in your backup (again, icloud drive data is an exception, some drive data can be backed up on both sides).

It may take a while for your data to be transferred during synchronization. It can take a few days, especially with 5 mbit upload speeds offered to the user in our country, but it is not a big problem since you can check it on the icloud website.

icloud backup is a title you can see in the same settings menu. You can start this process if your charge is 50% or more and the phone is connected wirelessly. The remaining time will be displayed in the same section, and you can find out your last backup date in this section.

The only way to restore the icloud backup is to bring your phone to the setup assistant, so reset it, so I definitely recommend syncing data such as pictures and contacts. Because the synchronized data will be downloaded after you log in to any Apple device and you do not need to reset the device.

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