Discord Groovy Bot Commands

Groovy, the most used bot of Discord, is frequently added to the discord servers with its new updates every day. If you want to install Groovy Bot on your discord server or you have installed Groovy Bot but do not know the commands, we will list you in this article.

Discord Groovy Bot Commands
Discord Groovy Bot Commands

Discord has become the most used voice chat program in the world with its daily updates and many audiences. In addition, it offers you an opportunity to design your own bot in a separate world where open source codes are managed. Thanks to Groovy Bot, developed by three friends, you can manage your server with the help of an automatic bot with many music features.

You have installed the Groovy Bot, but if you do not know the exact commands, we have listed them for you below.

Discord Groovy Bot Commands

  • -play: You can play any track you want with this command. It will be enough to write this attachment and paste the link, leaving a space.
  • -join: Allows Groovy to join the audio channel.
  • -play file: If there is an attached file, you can play it with this command.
  • -queue: Shows the music queue.
  • -next: Opens the next music track. If you don't want to wait, you can use the -next command.
  • -back: You can use this suffix to return to the previous song.
  • -clear: Removes all tracks in the list from the stream.
  • -loop queue: Makes your music list play continuously.
  • -lyrics: Displays the lyrics of the currently playing song.
  • -pause: Pauses the playing track.
  • -resume: Reopens the stopped track.
  • -remove: Unpublishes the track.
  • -disconnect: Allows you to disconnect the bot from the channel you are on.
  • -shuffle: Starts to randomly open the queues.
  • -fast forward: Fast forwards the track by 10 seconds.
  • -saved queues: Displays the music list you saved earlier.

You can create a pleasant music feast with your friends by using the commands listed above on your discord channel.