Changing Youtube Profile And Cover Image

In order to reach the best view and audience of your Youtube channel, we need to set our profile and cover images well. If you do not know how to change profile and cover picture in Youtube Studio content, this article has been written for you!

Changing Youtube Profile And Cover Image
Changing Youtube Profile And Cover Image

By reading this article to make the best Youtube profile picture and cover; You can optimize your pictures by learning the resolutions of the Youtube profile picture and cover.

We have stated below what we need to do to change Youtube profile and cover image.

How Do I Change My Youtube Profile and Cover Image?

  • First, come to the Youtube homepage and click on the channel image at the top right.

  • From the menu that opens, click on the Your Channel option.

  • After accessing our Youtube channel, press the CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL button on the right.

  • It will direct us to Youtube Studio. You can remove and edit your profile and cover photo by clicking on the branding menu.