How To Fix Xbox One Controller Not Working Issue

In this article, we will try to solve the problem of Xbox One users not turning on or not working when they try to operate the controller.

Apr 25, 2022 - 20:57
Apr 25, 2022 - 21:33
How To Fix Xbox One Controller Not Working Issue
How To Fix Xbox One Controller Not Working Issue

Xbox One continues to renew itselfbybringing various updatesand series toprovideabetter experience for users. No matter how much he renews himself, users who encounter various errors can leave thepleasure of the game halfway. In thisarticle, we willprovide you with solutions for connection error, connection failureand Xbox One controller not working,and we willprovide information on how to fix it.

Why Doesn't Xbox One Controller Work?

Why Xbox One Controller Not Working?

The various reasons that Xbox One users encounter when turning on the controllerare usually due to the internet connection. This isbecause the Xbox One controller needsan internet connection to connect to the remote server. Although theseproblemsare not experienced in theold-style wired Xbox controller, theseproblems can oftenbe encountered in the wireless new generation Xbox One controller. For this, the Xbox One not workingproblem can occur due to many errors. The reason for the error encountered canbelistedas follows:

  • Xbox One controller not turning on
  • Flashing Xbox One controller
  • Unable to connect to Xbox One controller
  • Experiencing Xbox One connectionproblem

We have explained the Xbox One errors encounteredabove. If youare encountering one of theaboveproblems, you can find the solutionby following the suggestionsbelow.

Unable to Connect to Xbox One Controller

If your Xbox One controller is not connecting, it maybe crashing momentarily. The only thing we need to do for this is if you have more than one controller, we will need to turn off the online controllers from the controller.

  • Pressand hold the Xboxbutton on the controller defined for the Xbox One controllerand turn off the controller if you have more than one controller.
  • Afterperforming this operation, connect the controlleragainand check if theproblempersists.

If you have connected to more than eight Xbox One controllers, you maybe encountering suchan error. For this, we can solve theproblembyperforming theabove operation.

Disconnecting Xbox One Controller

Xbox Oneputs itself into sleep mode every 15 minutes with this software developed to savebatterypower for its users. For this, we can eliminate this disconnectionproblemby moving the stick of the Xbox controller orpressinganybutton.

1-) Check Battery Level

We need to open the Xbox One main menu. Tap the Xbox Onebutton for that. Then check thebattery icon located in the upper right corner. If thebattery level is low, charge it or you can try to replace itby gettinganewbattery.

2-) Check Your Wireless Range

We may encounter such issue if youare notat the maximum distance or exactly close to the range distance from the Xbox One controller. For this, we can stay close to the Xbox One controllerand understand what is causing theproblem.

3-) Check Xbox Block

If the Xbox case youare using is carried inabox or inasituation thatblocks the remote control, you can take it out ofacomfortable unitand understand what theproblem is.

Xbox One Controller Won't Turn On

The first thing that comes to our mindafter the Xbox One game controller does not turn on is that thebattery in the game controller is dead. For this, we must first check thebattery in the game controllerand observe that theproblem does not continue. If you changed thebattery in the remoteand theproblempersists, let's move on toanother suggestion.

  • Let's shut down the Xbox One system completely. For this, hold thepowerbutton for 10 secondsand wait for it to turn off.
  • Unplug thepower cord from the console, waitafew minutes, thenplug itback in.
  • Then turn on the systembypressing thepowerbutton. Whileperforming this operation, do notpressanybutton until the systemboots up.
  • After the system is turned on,pressanybutton on the game controller to check if the controller works.

Flashing Xbox One Controller

The flashing of the Xbox One controller indicates that your controller is notpaired withaconsole. For this, we will try to solve theproblemby telling youafew steps.

  • If your controller does notprovide remote connection, you canperform the connection withaUSBand check theproblem.
  • Connect the USB cable to the Xbox consoleand the controllerand hold the Xboxbutton on the controller forafew seconds. If thisproblem is not resolved, try restarting the console.
  • If theproblempersists,pressand hold thepowerbutton on the Xbox console for 10 secondsand turn it offand onagain.
  • If the Xbox controller is not connectingatall, you can report yourproblemby contacting Xbox support.

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