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At first, tower of Fantasy just threw me out of the server selection screen, then i couldn't start the game, next i tried to log out and log in again, but login didn't work, i usually sign in with google, but the link on the launcher didn't work, i found a way to type in the link manually and when i signed in, the launcher said login error or network error or login exception. Then I wanted to reinstall the game, but the game is stuck in download initialization. I already tried turning of firewalls and pretty much any other internet protection. Then I tried to login via my phone, it just shows a blank error screen. Internet says it's because of storage, but i have 90GB free and the same issue on my Ipad. Even the games website has a few issues, I can't create a new account and where should be twitter news, there is just a blank field with a loading animation. I have fast Internet and other games and downloads works, so that's not the issue.
32GB CL16 Trident Z Royal
Display Card
Palit RTX 3090 Gamerock OC
ASUS X570 Gaming E
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
Win 11 Pro

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I think the residual files of the game are not completely deleted on your system. For this, close the launcher with the help of a task manager before the download is complete. Then download the "Advanced Uninstalle Pro" program and try to delete the game and install it again. The program will help delete the game's registry and other files.

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